A Foodies Heaven – The GT Road Lucknow

The GT Road Lucknow (short for the Grand Trunk Road) is the latest entrant in this concept section. The concept chain owned by Bright Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. has numerous outlets across the Northern part of India and many of you living in cities like Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Delhi NCR etc. would be familiar with this outlet. The GT Road concept restaurant is based on the concept of exploring the cuisines across the cities/areas on the Grant Trunk Road and creating a wonderful basket of Indian food (yes even the Calcutta China Town dishes have the distinct Indian touch). The outlet is a buffet cum live barbecue cum live counter outlet (for Lucknow guys – similar in concept to that of Barbecue Nation, Pirates of the Grill etc, but the food is only Indian and Indian Chinese. … More A Foodies Heaven – The GT Road Lucknow

A Witness to an enjoyable reunion with some very old old friends

Being in London, that too when FIFA World Cup was going on in full swing – what would you expect at all the outlets – crowd, crowd crazy crowd noise noise and more noise. So what does a non Football crazy person like me do…. I had done my share of Football craziness last night, what I was looking at was a slightly slower atmosphere less charged, I needed to recollect my thoughts and prepare myself. And yes most importantly when you are meeting friends after 18 long years, the same friends you had taken the first international trip, you would have a lot to catch up
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