Explore Delhi – Lodhi Gardens

Many of us would have visited Lodhi Garden or would be visiting Lodhi Garden for our morning walks, or those lazy family picnics or for those brief moments to satiate our carnal desires, but did we ever realise the historical importance of this place. A green belt or lungs of Delhi, Lodhi Garden deserve to be talked about in details.

It’s interesting to note how a royal burial ground of the past became the favourite gardens of today.

This beautiful 90 acre land has more than 110 species of trees (some being endangered too) and 50 species of birds today.

All these along with some amazing heritage structures with a lot of historical value.

In the series we talk about some important heritage structures in the Lodhi Gardens. Their historical importance, their impact on the development of the Indo Islamic Architecture and their role in many different eras of Delhi.


Athpula Bridge, Mosque and enclosed Rose Garden with a gateway

Athpula bridge


This bridge was built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar by a noble man in the court known as Nawab Bahadur. It is one of few the surviving structures built during Akbar’s reign in Delhi.

Click here to read more about Athpula here

Mosque and enclosed Rose Garden with a gateway

The Rose Garden

These structures belong to the Mughal period. There is rose garden which is enclosed within 4 walls entered through a double storied gateway.

Click here to read more about the mosque and the rose garden


Sheesh Gumbad

Sheesh Gumbad or the Glass Dome belong to the Lodi era. This structure is an architectural marvel , showing advanced understanding of dome construction using the principal of an arch and the transformation and transition of a square to a circle through use of squinches and corbels.

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Bada Gumbad Complex 

Just parallel to the Sheesh Gumbad is a large structure which is known as Bada Gumabd. This is basically a group of 3 adjoining structures – The Mehmaan Khana (Guest House) in the left, the Bada Gumbad in the centre and the Bada Gumbad Mosque (Masjid) on the right.  The complete structure is on a raised platform and is approached by stairs.

Click on the links to read more about these 3 interesting structures.



Tomb of Muḥammad Shah Sayyid


The oldest tomb in the Lodhi Gardens Delhi, the tomb of the member of the dynasty whose reign was for a very short period of time and it had just 4 rulers

Click here to read about it


Tomb of Sikandar Lodi

A tomb which is an important piece of architecture and is a bridge between different phases of the development of what today is known as the Indo Islamic architecture style.
A bridge between the Sayyid’s architectural style and the Mughal’s architectural style.

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Reference :

Map Courtesy : INTACH, Delhi chapter

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