Spotty’s Shack – Candolim Beach, Goa

A decent joint – definitely better than our experience at Baga.

We had not planned out eating at this shack. In reality wanted to use the wash rooms. Had no clue where to go, even the life guards were not very supportive. This was the first outlet we saw. Checked out about wash rooms from them, was informed that we can use wash rooms only if we are ordering something (in simple words – washrooms available only to paying customers).

We had been on beach for more than 3 hours, it was almost lunch time. We had had a heavy breakfast in the morning and thus were not in a mood to have a heavy lunch, which is always the scenario when we are in Goa. Usage of wash room was a necessity. We checked out with our kid if we would like to have a light meal. He agreed. And thus Spotty’s Shack was chosen.

We ordered for Chicken Tikka, French Fries, Ice Tea, Strawberry shake and yes Beer. The Chicken Tikka did take some time to appear, but rest all items came within 10 minutes of our ordering.


Thankfully the food was good and we didn’t regret choosing Spotty’s shack. The ambiance was nice with many families preferring the outlet. In terms of service, the staff at the outlet was polite and quick to respond.

We did use their washroom, which was thankfully decent and clean.

On my next visit, I would like to give this outlet another try.


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