Zanzibar Shack, Baga Beach, Goa- Horrible Experience – Overpriced and tasteless food.

Don’t know why we chose this outlet. We were walking down the beach, crossed Britto’s and many other outlets, thinking we will check on them in return, for a light meal. On moving further decided otherwise. Saw Bottle Bay which looked vacant, moved a little further saw Andrew’s and Zanzibar. As there were only a couple of creepy looking fellows drinking at Andrew’s and few families and couples at Zanzibar, we opted for Zanzibar. Still regret our impromptu decision. Wish could have just walked back and tried Britto’s.

We ordered for Chicken Malai Kabab, Garlic Cheese Bread, Ice Tea, Fresh Lime Sweet and Pineapple juice. The waiter informed us that fresh pineapple juice was not available when we were ordering, so we agreed to go for canned variety. The only thing he was keen on was pushing the Beer Bucket – a special happy hour promotion which they were doing with kingfisher beer bottle (4 bottles in a bucket – you were paying for 3). We didn’t want it but the waiter kept on insisting. The service was really slow. The staff was busy either playing game or chatting away. After a long wait the order started coming in or let’s just say our horrible experience started. We had ordered for a lemon ice tea but god only knows what variant of ice tea we were offered – it was neither lemon nor peach (the only two variants in their menu). The fresh lime sweet was neither fresh and was very warm (almost lukewarm). The pineapple juice which they gave was hot, it was not the canned pineapple juice but looked like fresh pineapple juice (which they had initially refused). Our request for providing us with chill versions of the same were rudely refused, even request for ice was rejected.

The garlic bread with cheese was another part of the horrid experience. They had just shaved frozen cheese on the dry garlic bread. No melting of cheese, no crunchy garlic bread, nothing. Even a small outlet in my city makes better garlic bread with cheese than what they served us.

And finally the climax – the chicken malai kabab which took almost 30 minutes to come and that too after repeated reminders. (Probably they were warning us of what horrid item was in store for us). One bite and we knew what a big mistake we had done. I have been born and brought up in Punjabi hinterland and definitely know the North Indian dishes and how they taste – especially the kababs and tikkas. The so called dish which was served to us was in no way a chicken malai kabab, it was a chicken sweet dish – very very sweet, no traces of malai, yes the chicken pieces were covered in some kind of white sauce but it was very very sweet and almost unpalatable. At the time of ordering we had checked on the spiciness of this dish and were told that this was mildly spiced, but there were no traces of spice. Nothing was served along with Chicken Malai Kabab – we asked them for some chutney or something else, they refused saying that we do not serve anything with this. To salvage the situation, we firmly asked them to give us some green chutney, which was brought after a lot of dilly dallying. We added this chutney to the dish which they had served as North Indian Chicken Malai Kabab, added lots of pepper and a bit of salt and forced it down our throat.

The staff was unapologetic and very rude. Looking at their services and food, the outlet is overtly priced.

This outlet would be a big no for us forever.

Only one word Horrible, Horrible, Horrible.


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