Pind Balluchi – The Village Restaurant


A good option for Punjabi food lovers with lovely ambiance.

Thankfully Lucknow now has a very good option for Punjabi food lovers with lovely ambiance.

Having been born and brought up in Punjabi hinterland, I am in love with the Punjabi dishes. In the past whenever we had opted for a Punjabi dish, we had mostly got something else – either the butter chicken was too sweet, or the chicken tikka masala too spicy, something was always amiss. I can’t call the dishes – Awadhi also as the Awadhi dishes have their own taste and most of the restaurants in Lucknow remain neither true to the Awadhi taste nor to the Punjabi taste.

Pind Balluchi is a chain restaurant and pretty popular in NCR. We visited the outlet which is located on the 2nd floor of the Wave Mall (which earlier used to be the part of Landmark – the book store).

We were happy to have chosen this outlet for lunch. The ambiance and decor was at par with any other Pind Balluchi and so was the food both in terms of quality and quantity.

Pricing is comparable with any good joints in Lucknow (in fact some dishes were priced lower than the Aryan’s sit -in (not the fast food option) on MG Road. Foot tapping popular Punjabi music increases the fun quotient.


Overall a very good experience and this would sure be on the list of our regular joints.


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